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This is the ARCHIVE site for YWP

This is the ARCHIVE site for YWP

On August 22, 2015, YWP's 9th birthday, we launched a new site at


We encourage you to create a NEW account on that site and join in what continues to be a vibrant, respectful and creative community open to any young person from anywhere.


If you were a member of this OLD site, you can still access your content on this site by logging in. 


HOWEVER, you will not be able to add any new content here; you can retrieve your old posts and comments. 


If you're interested in retrieving some of your content:

  1. go to or (if you have content with podcasts and images) and enter your username where prompted under "Author." 
  2. Click apply
  3. All of your content, stripped bare of any excess markup, will be delivered.
  4. Copy all of your content to a word document, or copy them individually and repost on the new site.

FYI, we will be keeping this site,, up and available to you for years. If you need any help, email Geoffrey Gevalt at

And thanks to the 32,000+ users who graced this version of YWP's site for NINE years. Your creativity, civility, support, courage amazed us daily. You inspired us AND you continue to do so on the new site!


Geoffrey Gevalt (gg)

Young Writers Project Founder and Assistant Pastry Chef


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IdeaBoard Challenge! We Have a WINNER!

IdeaBoard Challenge! We Have a WINNER!

Thank you!

We are so excited by the time, energy, and effort you've all put into the IdeaBoard Challenge. There have been stories, jokes, puns, poems, thoughts, ideas, comments, extentions, new people, old people, everything we could have hoped for. There were certainly a number of you who put in some great effort and deserve to be recognized for their awesome contributions.

After much deliberation, excitement, laughing, and reading... We have come to a decision. Your IdeaBoard Challenge Winner, and to-be recipient of a fresh new copy of The Chronicles of Harris Burdick is....




Kitkat2244 wrote, commented on, and expanded on countless ideas and stories. Luckily, she had the help of a few other honorable mentions to make this truly a FRENZY of ultra-shorts. So, a special thank you to the honorable mentions:


Grace L






Be sure to congratulate these fine writers (or just comment on their work!) to show them how much their effort means to the community.

You can also look forward to your YWP prize (winner and honorable mentions!) coming soon!

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Vermont Young Playwrights Festival LIVE!

Check out the LIVE stream of the Vermont Young Playwrights Festival. Flynn, YWP and Vermont Stage are partnering in this wonderful program. Best plays are being read Tuesday and Wednesday in livek performance at Flynn Space. Enjoy.

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Poetry Saturday

Poetry Saturday

Folks in northern reaches of Vermont: Don't miss these poetry events happening on Saturday, May 2nd, led by poet/hip-hop artist Rajnii Eddins:

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Youth Activism...

Check this out ... and tell us if this speaks to you, if you want to take action and if we can help. 

(FYI, the link at the end of the movie should be this:

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High Schoolers! Opportunity Knocks!

Over the years some of YWP's most active community members have attended two-week sessions with the Governor's Institute on the Arts. They always find the sessions transformative. YWP has a particular bias toward one of the leaders, another G by the name of Geof Hewitt, the grand master of slam, poetry and general fun. Some of you may have had a YWP session with Geof and know how great he is.

(NOTE: He will be leading another raucous slam poetry workshop on APRIL 11 from 10-noon at Fletcher Free Library in Burlington.) 

The sessions are from June 28-July 12 at Castleton State College and include other arts programs in dance, theatre, sculpture, music, graphic arts, fiction, etc...

You must have completed 9th grade to applyTuition is on a sliding scale starting at $20 depending on family income. DEADLINE to apply is April 1. 

AND HERE'S THE TRICKY PART: Go to this link  to apply, but ignore the earlier DEADLINES associated with specific schools. AND, if you see your school, apply via THAT link. If you don't see your school, apply via the appropriate link at the top. Please choose the "apply online" process.

Go! Do it! Now!


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Champlain College Young Writers Conference -- HS students APPLY TODAY!

High school students!

YWP encourages you to attend the Champlain College Young Writers Conference. Led by Jim Ellefson, CC's poet-in-residence, this three-day overnight conference (May 29-31) is inspiring, fun, challenging. You will make friends, improve your writing, take creative risks. There is a cost -- $10 for the application and $365 for the weekend -- but we nonetheless endorse this program.

THE DEADLINE IS TODAY: Feb. 17. Here's the link:

For more info: Lesley Wright  |  Co-Director  |  (802) 865-8456  |

Click Read More, to read the detailed invite from Jim Ellefson.

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A view of MLK -- Eyes on the Prize

Good morning. In honor of Martin Luther King Day, fe thought we'd share some history. This post was first written in 2011 when a friend, Modi Kwanza, reminded me of this piece. Click on the tag Martin Luther King Jr. for more historical pieces. Comment or create a blog with the tag MLK to share what you think.



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This just in ....

Many thanks to all of you who sent your haikus to Geof Hewitt who, along with Reuben Jackson (YWP poet and VPR Jazz man on Friday nights) presented haikus to welcome the new year on VPR's Vermont Edition on Jan. 2 with VPR's Jane Lindholm. 

Take a listen!


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Deadline: Jan. 9th

Deadline: Jan. 9th

ESSAY CONTEST. Get famous with Bernie!

The esteemed U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, wants your view of the State of the Union, a.k.a. the United States. How is the country doing? Are we in good shape? What issues are on the top of your mind?  Do you think Congress/the president/the government is doing a good job? Why or why not? NOW is your chance!

Sen. Sanders is seeking 250-500 word essays. Make them crisp and to the point. Justify your position. Think the rich are getting too rich? Think we made a mistake pulling out of Iraq? Think Congress bickers too much? Think there is a racial divide in this country? Think we should do more about global warming, homelessness, schools? Or do you think we're doing a good job, all in all? Have at it!

Deadline: January 9, 2015

SUBMIT HERE: (and post a copy here, too!)

Call 800-339-9834 for more info.

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