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The Project's founder is Geoffrey Gevalt, an award-winning writer and editor with 33 years experience in newspapers and magazines. He was, for two years, a juror for the Pulitzer Prize in Beat Reporting. He formerly was managing editor of The Burlington Free Press.

The Project's Audience Coordinator is Susan Reid, a writer and editor who manages the publication series, Anthology and Millennials on Stage.

The Web Support Guru is Doug DeMaio, a UVM graduate, writer and longtime mentor, Doug assists students and teachers in all sorts of ways. He's nice, too.

The Administrative Coordinator and Mentor Coordinator is Sarah Gliech, a writer and recent graduate of McGill University can help with everything from bills to volunteering to mentor youths.

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Young Writers Project Inc.
47 Maple Street #106
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poems past

My son is 26 yrs now and had poem published in 1st/2nd year at Uddingston grammar school, his name is John McDade 31/5/1988, and i would love to read it again and so would he, how would i locate it?

Many thanks
Margo McDade