Cool links

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Some cool links to explore:


The Poetry Foundation. Just about anything you can think of having to do with poetry: poems, biographies of poets, learning resources, and much, much more.

Modern American Poetry. A wealth of information about American poets and their work.

The Poetry Archive. The world's premier online collection of recordings of poets reading their work.

Real life

Folkstreams, a national preserve of documentary films about American roots cultures

Digital Storytelling

Creative Narrations, a digital storyboard.

The Story Center, leading edge site for digital story telling.


The New Yorker, the best magazine published in the world, by far.

The Sun, the second best magazine published in the world.

Truthdig, a collection of work by independent journalists.

The Onion, an off-the-wall, often edgy but hilarious satirical Webzine.


Vermont Daily Briefing, Philip Baruth's humorous, insightful look at the world of politics in Vermont and beyond.

The Washington Monthly, an irreverent, tough look at the national political scene written by, yes, a Vermonter.