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IdeaBoard Challenge! We Have a WINNER!

IdeaBoard Challenge! We Have a WINNER!

Thank you!

We are so excited by the time, energy, and effort you've all put into the IdeaBoard Challenge. There have been stories, jokes, puns, poems, thoughts, ideas, comments, extentions, new people, old people, everything we could have hoped for. There were certainly a number of you who put in some great effort and deserve to be recognized for their awesome contributions.

After much deliberation, excitement, laughing, and reading... We have come to a decision. Your IdeaBoard Challenge Winner, and to-be recipient of a fresh new copy of The Chronicles of Harris Burdick is....




Kitkat2244 wrote, commented on, and expanded on countless ideas and stories. Luckily, she had the help of a few other honorable mentions to make this truly a FRENZY of ultra-shorts. So, a special thank you to the honorable mentions:


Grace L






Be sure to congratulate these fine writers (or just comment on their work!) to show them how much their effort means to the community.

You can also look forward to your YWP prize (winner and honorable mentions!) coming soon!

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BE HEARD! Student Survey!

Hey Guys! So recently I have been interning at the Vermont State House for a Representative. For one of the things she asked me to do, I created a Student Survey. As kids aren't allowed to vote I thought that we should have some data about what kids opinions are on topics that are being debated in the State House right now. I have attached the survey in a link, please take it if you live in Vermont! You're helping out the Government and the state. The deadline is May 10, 2015. Thank You!


Link to survey:


Climate Change Challenge 2015 Winners!

Congratulations, winners of the Vermontivate! Climate Change Challenge!


First Place: Eliza Goodell, Grade 9, Oxbow High School

Second Place: Emily Smyth, Grade 8, Craftsbury Academy

Third Place: Carmenilla Rinaldi, Grade 10,Thetford Academy


Thank you to all writers who shared your powerful words to save the planet! You can read all submissions here.

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High Schoolers! Opportunity Knocks!

Over the years some of YWP's most active community members have attended two-week sessions with the Governor's Institute on the Arts. They always find the sessions transformative. YWP has a particular bias toward one of the leaders, another G by the name of Geof Hewitt, the grand master of slam, poetry and general fun. Some of you may have had a YWP session with Geof and know how great he is.

(NOTE: He will be leading another raucous slam poetry workshop on APRIL 11 from 10-noon at Fletcher Free Library in Burlington.) 

The sessions are from June 28-July 12 at Castleton State College and include other arts programs in dance, theatre, sculpture, music, graphic arts, fiction, etc...

You must have completed 9th grade to applyTuition is on a sliding scale starting at $20 depending on family income. DEADLINE to apply is April 1. 

AND HERE'S THE TRICKY PART: Go to this link http://www.giv.org/applynow/  to apply, but ignore the earlier DEADLINES associated with specific schools. AND, if you see your school, apply via THAT link. If you don't see your school, apply via the appropriate link at the top. Please choose the "apply online" process.

Go! Do it! Now!


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Vermont Writes Day was FanTasTic!

Shea Smith and Mica Cummings WRITE at Brewster Pierce Memorial School in Huntington

Stay tuned for the April issue of The Voice! A special issue of all the highlights from Vermont Writes Day!


Vermont Writes Day -- March 12, 2015! Amazing Response!

Thanks to all who honored writing on Vermont Writes Day! Let us know if your school participated by commenting below or sending an email to ggevalt(at)youngwritersproject(dot)org  Thanks!

Vermont Writes Day ebook 2014.pdf1.11 MB
VTWritesDay.Poster.pdf66.26 KB
VTWritesDay15.Prompts.pdf188.63 KB
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Champlain College Young Writers Conference -- HS students APPLY TODAY!

High school students!

YWP encourages you to attend the Champlain College Young Writers Conference. Led by Jim Ellefson, CC's poet-in-residence, this three-day overnight conference (May 29-31) is inspiring, fun, challenging. You will make friends, improve your writing, take creative risks. There is a cost -- $10 for the application and $365 for the weekend -- but we nonetheless endorse this program.

THE DEADLINE IS TODAY: Feb. 17. Here's the link: http://www.champlain.edu/write

For more info: Lesley Wright  |  Co-Director  |  (802) 865-8456  | ccyw@champlain.edu

Click Read More, to read the detailed invite from Jim Ellefson.

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Climate Change Challenge 2015



The Challenge: Use the power of YOUR words, images, audio and/or video to combat climate change and win big money! First place: $100 | Second place: $75 | Third place: $50 | Plus coupons, gifts and other fun stuff! DEADLINE EXTENDED TO TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT -- FRIDAY, APRIL 17!



The Prompt: Climate: Using words, images, audio and/or video, respond to one of the three prompts below. Feel free to choose the medium or multi-media that work best for you to convey your message in the most powerful way you can. Respond to one of the three options below:

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Red Ribbon Week Writing Challenge!

We're partnering with Connecting Youth and Red Ribbon Week, a national effort to raise awareness about issues relating to drug abuse, to create a special writing challenge, called PEERS. Beginning Oct. 23, (deadline for final submissions, Nov. 17) youths can submit their writing here. YWP will select the best responses for cash awards and prizes! The selected pieces will also be highlighted on youngwritersproject.org, published throughout the state in 20+ media partners and considered for inclusion in YWP’s new digital magazine, The Voice

The prompt:

PEERS: Every day our friends encourage us to do things. How do you manage peer influence? Tell us a story about what you do to resist peers' efforts to get you to do something you don't want to do? And tell us about times when your peers have encouraged you to take a positive risk and you're glad you did?  How do you make sure you are following your own efforts to be true to yourself? Feel free to write it as a narrative or in essay form.


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The Calvin Prize -- Finalists Announced

The Calvin Prize -- Finalists Announced

We want to thank all of you who participated in the 2014 Calvin Prize essay contest sponsored and run by the Calvin Coolidge Foundation. Many, many fine submissions we are told competing for the top prize of $1,500.

The two finalists (the winner will be announced at a dinner in NYC on Nov. 6):

  • Sydney Benjamin, Peacham, VT
  • Jay Tilden, St. Johnsbury, VT

The semifinalists:

  • Kathryn Bassette, Hartland, VT
  • Sydney Benjamin, Peacham, VT
  • Mina Bozeman, Lower Waterford, VT
  • Antonio Carlisle, St. Johnsbury, VT
  • Izzy Dodge, St. Johnsbury, VT
  • Peter Eckhardt, St. Johnsbury, VT
  • Angela Kubicke, Peacham, VT
  • Aster O’Leary, South Burlington, VT
  • Hector Steyn, Lyme, NH (St. Johnsbury Academy pupil)
  • Jay Tilden, St. Johnsbury, VT
Click for more if you want to see the essay instructions. YWP will be publishing the finalists' later this year. CONGRATS! And for those of you not selected, try again next year!
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