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Fit to Print: Published Works

Image previewCheck out your writing published in 18 newspapers, vpr.net, vtdigger.org, cowbird.com -- and now The Voice, YWP's monthly digital magazine! (How to Submit)

MondayVPR, vpr.net; Vermont Digger, vtdigger.org; Tuesday: Times Argus, The Valley News, Rutland Herald; Wednesday: St. Albans Messenger; Thursday: Essex Reporter, Times Argus Extra, Rutland Reader; Friday: Burlington Free Press; Saturday: Brattleboro Reformer ; monthly: Addison Independent, Charlotte News, Colchester Sun, County Courier, Hinesburg Record, Milton Independent, Stowe Reporter, Waterbury Record, Williston Observer. (Click to see YWP content from your favorite paper!)

Click a newspaper name to see/download their YWP page from that week.
Click the "Week of..." link to see all the published work from that week.

Week of June 1VPR  VTDigger

Burlington Free PressImage preview

Essex Reporter

Rutland Herald

Saint Albans Messenger

Times Argus

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Writing to the Prompt: Manual

This prompt calls on you to create a manual for how to be a human.

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Champlain College Young Writers Conference -- HS students APPLY TODAY!

High school students!

YWP encourages you to attend the Champlain College Young Writers Conference. Led by Jim Ellefson, CC's poet-in-residence, this three-day overnight conference (May 29-31) is inspiring, fun, challenging. You will make friends, improve your writing, take creative risks. There is a cost -- $10 for the application and $365 for the weekend -- but we nonetheless endorse this program.

THE DEADLINE IS TODAY: Feb. 17. Here's the link: http://www.champlain.edu/write

For more info: Lesley Wright  |  Co-Director  |  (802) 865-8456  | ccyw@champlain.edu

Click Read More, to read the detailed invite from Jim Ellefson.

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Writing to the Prompt: Headlines

... holds 'Je Suis Charlie' Sign On Charlie Hebdo Cover | The Daily CallerThis prompt calls on you to read a news story, and respond to it. The prompt gives you options as to how to respond: an opinion piece, a letter to the editor. As always, remember that the prompt is just a starting point. Never let a prompt on YWP hold you back.

There are many ways you can respond to a news story. Some writers may be pulled toward the political aspects of a story, or the effects the story might have on international relations. Some stories naturally hit very close to home, and your response might be, "what would I do in that situation?" Or perhaps you take issue with how a news outlet decided to portray or deliver a story.

One of the ways to grab your reader's attention is to center your piece around a certain injustice. Perhaps you want to call attention to the plight of an oppressed group, or maybe you think a certain news source was unfair in their portrayal of an event or person. Bring an injustice to light, and explain why it's important.

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Writing to the Prompt: Seconds

Seconds: Describe something that happened in mere seconds, something big or small...

This prompt is an opportunity to really explore the art of extrapolating from a moment. The challenge to this prompt is to create a full piece of writing, while only developing a seconds-long scene. But, the fact that the scene being described is very short in real-time, that doesn't mean the description needs to be short. In fact, it means quite the opposite.

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Where Can We Find You?

Hey writers,

As you may know, one of our goals is to put your work out in front of a wide audience. Making you famous, if you would. We do a slew of things to make this happen... as you can see here. You are in newspapers, radio programs, storytelling websites, online magazines, on stage, in book stores, all across social media... but what else can we do?

Where would you like to see a piece of your writing? Other than the places we already put your work, what else coud we do that would get you excited? Where would you notice your writing? Where would other people notice it?

Related question... Where can we find you? We want to let you know about opportunities we're offering, and get more kids involved in our decision making process. How can we make sure you'll notice us? Don't forget about us!

And just to prove how old we are, here's a link to our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ywpvt/

I know, facebook is so 2008, but it's a great place for us to discuss the site with the outside world, and those we invite in. So there's the link to our discussion group on Bookface.

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What Even is a Prompt?

cause, or bring about
assist or encourage (a hesitating speaker) to say something.
an act of assisting or encouraging a hesitating speaker.

Prompts are tricky. Their use and purpose isn't well-defined or consistent. Prompts are used differently by various groups to acheive certain ends. Here at Young Writers Project our goal is for writers to share their stories and create compelling pieces of writing. We create prompts each year (with the help of you, the writers) to "assist or encourage [you] to say something."

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It's Almost NaNoWriMo Time Again...

Are you participating in NaNoWriMo this year? If so, YWP is here to help. We are staffing a new Workshop Space with idea prompts, live chat and, as we get closer to November 1, some help in honing your ideas, plan and structure. THEN, we'll be open for feedback as you begin your novel odyssey! 

So join the NaNoWriMo workshop space: NaNoWriMo on YWP and jump in to get started! The main guru for the space is Darcie Abbene, a YWP Writing Coach, longtime high school English teacher and a great writer.


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Reach Out and Take Someone's Hand

Reach Out and Take Someone's Hand
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