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Learning to Write Well

Welcome to the YWP Writers' Library. Below are some great links and helpful ideas to improve your writing, use of digital media and overall ability to express yourselves. Some were posted many years ago, but don't let that worry you; they are still true and interesting.

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Our aim is to take the mystery out of writing and show that it can be fun, and can be extremely useful. Whether you want help writing an essay or you need a new idea for a short story, use the links below to access tips, essays and examples to cover all aspects of the writing process. Feel free to use these materials as you wish. If you do not find materials you’d like, feel free to suggest the topic by clicking here and we’ll pull some information together for you.

The Writer's Library

I. Writing Habits – Do you need help with grammar or revision? Curious about other writer's processes? This section provides a variety of essays and suggestions to help improve your writing skills and habits.

II. Responding to Literature – Here you will find information on writing a vibrant response to a piece of literature--more than just a book report!

III.  Personal Narrative- Writing a strong personal essay is important for school, college applications, and possible careers in writing. This section will help you develop ideas and give you tips about how to structure the narrative. Student Examples

IV. Persuasive Writing – This section will teach you how to effectively convey your argument in persuasive essays and civic writing. Student Examples

V. Fiction – Here you will find a variety of essays about prompts, setting, point of view, conflict, and building characters. Learn more about creating a story and where to find inspiration for your pieces of fiction. Student Examples

VI. Poetry – This section offers a few tips on starting poems and ways to experiment with poetry, from poetry slams to an exercise on creating metaphor. Student Examples

VII. Publication – Learn about different ways to publish your writing and enter writing contests.

VIII. Writing Other Genres – Find information about writing lyrics, radio commentaries, and humor pieces. Student Examples and Student Lyrics

IX. Writing Without a Teacher – This section includes suggestions for journals, blogging, travel writing, and independent general writing.

X. Non-fiction – This section has material on interviewing, creating good questions, journalism, and non-fiction narrative writing. Student Examples

XI. Teacher Resources – This section has a variety of essays, tips, and lesson plans teachers can use to encourage their young writers. NOTE: YWP has put together a treasure trove of additional lesson plans and exemplars at another of our sites. CLICK HERE.

XII. Random advice, tips, thoughts from famous writers.